menu de tapas

Pan con Tomate
Freshly grated tomato, fresh minced garlic, extra virgin olive oil on a Puglise crostini.

Aceitunas Marinadas
Large marinated piquant olives.

Patatas Bravas
Piquant fried potatoes & yams served with aioli & romesco dip.

Tortilla Española
Classic thick eggs "omlette" prepared with EVOO, potatoes & onions served with chipotle aioli dip.

Pimientos Piquillo con Queso de Cabra
Roasted red Piquillo peppers stuffed with goat cheese, herbs and spices.

Gambas al Ajillo
Classic Spanish garlic sautéed shrimps in EVOO.

Calamares Fritos
Fried calamari served with aioli & romesco dip.

Croquetas de Bacalao
Crispy Salted-Cod croquettes served with aioli dip.

Croquetas de Jamon
Jamon Serrano croquettes served with chipotle aioli.

Select imported silver anchovy filets traditionally marinated, served with fresh grated tomato & parsley.

Ceviche de Pescado
Tilapia, cilantro and carrot strings marinated in lemon and lime juices served with crisp sweet beet chips.


tapas de Carnes

Valdeon Bistec Falda
Grilled skirt steak topped with Valdeon cheese, sautéed cremini mushrooms and shallots.

Chorizo al Vino
Pan seared chorizo glazed in red wine sauce herbs and spices.

Datiles Rellenos
Skewered and grilled Medjool dates stuffed with Tetilla cheese wrapped in Jamón serrano.

Chorizo al Sidra
Pan seared chorizo in apple coulis.

Brochetas de Pollo
Grilled spice-rubbed boneless chicken thighs.

Albondigas con Salsa de Tomate
Classic Spanish meatballs in homemade thick tomato sauce.

Bistec Falda
Grilled skirt steak topped with crispy shallots served with your choice of red wine reduction or Chimichurri.

Medalliones de Percha
Prime hanger steak medallions with your choice of home made chimichurri or red wine.

Tapeo29 Paella
Tapéo29 Award winning classic saffron rice Paella served with your choice of Spanish meats, seafood mix, vegetarian or Valencia style.



Your combination of cured Spanish meats & cheeses, served with fresh Pugliese bread, Quince marmalade, extra virgin olive oil and mission figs.


Quesos de espana

Manchego - La Mancha region, central Spain. Aged one year, Ewe’s milk, hard texture, mild salty nutty flavor.

Valdeón - Castilla León region, N\W Spain. Cow/goat milk mix, semi-soft texture, blue, rich, creamy, intensely flavored, wrapped in Sycamore maple leaves when sent to market.

Murcia al Vino - Murcia region. south east Spain. Goat milk, creamy and elastic not salty, pleasantly acidic, washed in red wine during ripening, AKA drunken Goat cheese.

Mahon - Menorca Island. Cow’s milk, semi-soft texture, smooth, yet buttery, sharp, slightly salty with a creamy, nutty aroma.

Caña de Cabra - Murcia region. South east Spain. Goat milk, soft texture, extremely rich and creamy, soft chewy rind.


Carnes Espanolas

Jamón Serrano - Hand trimmed 12 Months cured Spanish ham.

Lomo Embuchado - Thin sliced pork loin cured in paprika.

Salchichon - Cured ground pork with garlic and black pepper.

Chorizo Palacio - Cured ground pork shoulder seasoned with smoked spicy paprika.