Aceitunas Marinadas
Large piquant marinated olives.

Pan con Tomate
Toasted bread with freshly grated tomato, garlic & extra virgin olive oil.

Traditionally marinated Anchovy filets served with freshly grated tomato.

Pimientos Piquillo con Queso de Cabra
Spanish roasted red peppers stuffed with goat cheese, herbs and pine-nuts.

Datiles Rellenos
Dates stuffed with Tetilla cheese, wrapped in serano ham.

Seleccion de Fiambres Y Quesos
Spanish cheeses – Manchego, Valdeon, Murcia al Vino, Mahon, Caña de Cabra.
Cured Spanish meats – Chorizo Palacio.

Tarta de Chocolate
Hot chocolate cake in rich chocolate sauce topped with light whipped cream.

Crema Catalana
Caramelized home-made pudding.


Every day from 11 PM to last customer:

$7 Sangria, flavored Margaritas, Mojitos, and Martinis

Kitchen open late.