Postres / something sweet

Tarta de Chocolate
Soft center warm chocolate cake in rich chocolate sauce topped with light whipped cream.

Sorbete de Coco
Coconut sorbet in a coconut shell.

Crema Catalana
Classic Spanish custard with caramelized top.



"Van Gogh Espresso
Chilled, smooth, rich espresso vodka with light caramel delicate notes. The perfect refreshment for your palate. A true decadence.

Churchill’s Finest Reserve”, Port, Portugal
Churchill's Finest Reserve is a top blend of premium Ports. It is rich & full-bodied yet smooth & ready for drinking. Delicious on its own & excellent with the chocolate cake & cheeses. The soft & semi-soft such as the Cańa de Cabra & Murcia al Vino.

Zuccardi, Malbec Port, “Malamado”, Mendoza, Argentina, 2004
Very seductive aromas of ripe plums, black fruits marmalade, dried figs & nuts. A rich complex wine with final spicy notes like cinnamon, toasted almonds & leather. Sweet tannins, silky, full-bodied and pleasant with a long finish. Great with chocolate, soft cheeses, blue cheese or just on its own.

Osborne Cream Sherry, Spain
Fabulous nose. There's interesting, mature wax and lanolin notes along with a woodsy caramel note. Concentrated, medium-bodied and harmonious. The firm structure keeps it lively and interesting.

Osborne Amontillado Sherry, Spain
An intense and sharp aroma with a note of fresh almonds; it is exquisitely dry and wonderfully refreshing.

Osborne Manzanilla Sherry, Spain
Fresh, incredibly light, somewhat tart. Sea breezes add a distinctive tang to the wine. Great wine for before dinner.

Osborne Fino Sherry, Spain
Almond like pungent flor nose, persistent dry flavor, tangy finish. A fino on its way to amontillado due to age.