7 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Seasoning Your Food

There is no denying that seasoning your food is certainly one of the most important factors that we often overlook. Seasoning happens to be extremely crucial for anything that you are cooking and without proper seasoning, the food just tastes bland, and in many cases, unbearable to eat.

Believe it or not, for something so common as a seasoning, there are several mistakes that we end up making in the process. The more we avoid them, the better it will be overall. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

#1 Not Putting Any Salt

I know it might sound strange but there are a lot of people who avoid salt when it comes to seasoning. It actually does sound extremely strange because salt happens to be one of the quintessential foods that you have to add. It is an ingredient that can make everything taste good. You do not have to go overboard with it, so adding just the right amount of salt is great.

#2 Not Enough Salt

Another mistake that we commonly make is not putting enough salt. This is obviously something we all need to avoid. The more we avoid this issue the better it will be. Not every food item requires the same amount of salt. For instance, a larger piece of meat will require more of it as compared to a smaller one. So, it really is important.

#3 Black Pepper All The Way

There is no denying that black pepper is great when you are using it in the food because it gives the right amount of heat.  However, just relying on it solely is not going to do much for you. Sure, it tastes great but as far as making or breaking the food is concerned, it might not be enough.

#4 Relying on Pre-Ground Spices

If you want more flavor from the spices, then it is always better to go for whole spices, and then freshly ground them in order to have the right amount of taste and flavor.

#5 You Have Old Spices

No pun intended but keeping your spices tucked away in your drawers, or cabinets are not going to do you any good. You need to understand that spices, over time, lose their taste, fragrance, and aroma. So, it is best that you get things sorted beforehand.

#6 Not Letting The Spices Cook

You will often find people talking about how spices do not need to be cooked. However, that is not the idea. If you do let them cook with the food, you can actually get an even better taste.

#7 Not Tasting Your Food While It Cooks

Throughout the cooking process, the one thing that you should always do is tasting the food as you go forward. It is something that happens to be extremely important and something that you should never just avoid. The more you avoid it, the worse it will be. So, it is better to keep a track so you know you are going the right way.

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