Are Condos The Right Choice?

These housing units come is various shapes and configurations. While you may find some projects which are newly established and built as a condo housing society, you will come across others that were originally apartments and have been converted to be used as condos. One of the major differences between an apartment and a condo is that you not only own your unit but also piece of the property is considered a shared ownership which includes the common area and the building services area.

When you are in the market looking for a condo housing unit, you could be having a lot of different options opened to you such as the Saint Condo units. Due to the sheer number alone, it  could become overwhelming quite easily. However, instead of making an impulse buy, take the time to do some research and then decide. As you share co-ownership of the property with other co-owners however usually there is a society or management committee that looks after all the affairs and issues related to all stakeholders.

If you wish to live carefree and do not wish to be accountable for a lot of stuff which comes as part of the package when living at your owned apartment like regular maintenance, cutting the grass, doing snow shoveling, weather proofing and all sorts of other issues, a condo might just be the perfect fit for your housing needs. You will be paying a nominal fee for all the aforementioned services and they will be taken care of by the committee which looks after this.

This is one of the best reasons while condos are considered a favorite choice for elderly or retirees who wish to settle down in a quiet little housing society with not much to care or worry about.

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