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Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

If you do not know a lot about the technical aspects of web hosting, you might Think that every web hosting provider is essentially the same. So, making the right decision in this case will be a difficult task for you.

However, in order to make a good business website, you must choose the right web hosting provider. This will save you a lot of hassle, time, and money down the road. You can add this to your web hosting checklist.

Going For a Free Host

Once you start looking for a good hosting service provider, you will soon find out that there are free options available as well. While free hosting services are good for personal blogs, they are a terrible option for business websites.

There are two main drawbacks to using free hosting service for your website. One is that they rely on ads which they show on your website to earn money, and the second one is that Google penalizes websites using free hosting. So, you will get Lets customer engagement, and less visits.

Not Checking For The Refund Option

Since there are lots of different web hosting service providers, it is very easy for people like us to choose the wrong hosting service, and quickly realize our mistake. So, when this happens, a refund policy should be there to give us back our money easily.

So, you should never choose a hosting service which does not have any refund policy.

Not Choosing The Right One Between VPS And Shared Hosting

Both VPS and shield hosting or almost the same when it comes to performance of your website. The only difference is that a virtual private server provides you with your own CPU time and a few other benefits. You should only choose a VPS if you expect to get high volume of traffic right away. Otherwise, a shared hosting plan would be more than enough for you, and will save you money as well.

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