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Building an Environment Friendly House

Nowadays, a lot of people focus on creating a sustainable design for their houses. By doing so, one can help in reducing their carbon footprint. In order to build a good, eco-friendly house, you will be looking for custom home plans that match your needs.

Let’s discuss some tips when making a sustainable house.

Selecting a Design

The first step is to choose the right design and location for your house. It is better to select a flat location that has a backyard which faces the North. This way, you home will be a solar home, making it environmentally friendlier.

Orientation And Sun

Before construction, you need to analyze the direction of sun light on your land. After knowing this, you can project the positioning of internal space in a way that it faces the North. Although it is not possible to fully achieve this design, there are some basic ways this improve your home’s thermals.

Using Sun Control Strategies

There are some ways in which you can determine the level of sunlight that enters your house in order to improve your home’s interior temperature.

Roof Overhangings

If your house’s location has too much direct sunlight, then all the doors and windows should have shading depths of 900mm. normally, 600mm is used, but that would not be enough to protect you from direct sunlight.

Selecting The Orientation of The Room

The sun orientation for infrastructure that faces the East needs to be kept in mind. It is advisable to make store rooms and bathrooms on that side. Bedrooms should be built in the East direction so that more natural light comes in and less artificial light is used.

There are various other things such as insulation, thermal massing and materials to consider while making your house eco-friendly.

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