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Confused About Using The Floor Jack? Read This!

Using the floor jack seems simple but it has its risks and it could cause a serious accident as vehicles are heavy and a beginner using a certain tool without any prior knowledge of doing it makes it even more dangerous, if you are looking for a step to step guide on how to use the floor jack properly then you have opened the right link because we are here to discuss that, following is the step to step guide to using a floor jack,

  1. Positioning of your vehicle: before doing anything with the floor jack you first need to make sure that the vehicle is parked perfectly, it should be on a level surface and parking brakes should be engaged, secondly before lifting the car you need to chock the wheels, people tend to ignore it because of the vehicle being parked on a level surface but even if it is parked on a level surface you must still chock the wheels to ensure safety.
  2. Check the jack: before applying any sort of pressure check the jack for cracks or leaks, because if just a little bit of air is trapped within, it won’t allow it to withhold pressure, and then when you have checked the jack you should then prepare the jack stands before jacking up your vehicle.
  3. Do a test run: before actually laying down beneath the vehicle or commencing any sort of work just test whether the jack operates smoothly or not, it should lift up the car and bring it with ease.

I got all this information at https://floorjackin.com/how-to-use-a-floor-jack/ and this website made it possible for me use a floor jack safely and now I am able to do it without any worry regarding my own safety and my vehicles’ safety.

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