Does The Sales Funnel End With a Purchase?

If you work in marketing or sales you probably already know about things like sales funnels and the like. They are an integral part of ensuring that you have a systematic way to find people that might be interested in your product and enticing them until they actually make a purchase. However, does the sales funnel end with the purchase? Some would say that it does, but this is the wrong way to think about sales in general since there are a few steps after the purchase that continue the sales funnel and make it a little more complex.

You see, just securing a purchase from a customer is not going to be enough. While it is definitely nice to get some money coming in after someone buys your product, one sale is not going to be enough to ensure the longevity of your company. What you need is a regular stream of sales coming in, so after your customer has made a purchase the next part of the sales funnel will be procuring and ensuring customer loyalty. This will turn your one time customer into a repeat customer, one that will be consistently interested in purchasing your products with a certain degree of regularity.

If you read up on what is talking about, you would see that one off purchases are not all that important in the grand scheme of things. Securing a dedicated set of loyal customers is what will truly help your business get up off the ground, so it is pretty certain by this point that the sales funnel most definitely does not end at the incidence of a purchase. Much on the contrary, a sale means that you need to work even harder to bring that customer come back.

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