Five Kodi Builds That Work Without Any Hassle

Looking for the finest Kodi builds can be a time-consuming job because everything one reads on the internet is not true. However, here are few builds for Kodi that have totally swept the users off their feet in this year and function really well.

MisFit Mods Lite Build

This is one of those best kodi builds that brings life to the application by means of animations and various addons and doesn’t occupy much space. One of the primary reasons of all these advantages rendered by MisFit Mods is because of its existence as one of the oldest Kodi builds due to which it has been improving its usability with each update

Lobo Kodi Build

This build for Kodi sets the game apart by virtue of the constant updates that sweeps away the non-functioning addons and introduces those that perform better. The Lobo Kodi features various types of content such as movies, TV shows, music as well as live TV.

Diggz XENON Build

Xenon is one of the many builds by the developed Diggz and renders such a variety of addons that it would leave the user surprised. All these addons need time and patience to be browsed and understood in order to use them by their full potential.

Nova Build

This Kodi build has decided to stay true to the roots and hence doesn’t go overboard. The addons offered by the build Nova are curated in a useful combination. The build is not heavy on the system and render all basic contents including movies, TV shows, sports content and others.

No Limits Magic

This is one of the oldest Kodi builds that exhibited malfunctioning due to various addons and technical hindrances until today, when the build has been updated to perform better and as per the user’s preference as it provides a complete range of content categories that range from movies to TV shows, cartoons to sports and even live TV.

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