Fixing a Leaking Roof

A roof leak is just like a tire puncture, and it is fixed it the same way too. The severity of a roof leak depends on whether it is a new leak or is there from a long period of time. If the leak is small or insignificant, you can probably handle in yourself as a DIY project. However, if the leak is serious and is damaging your house, you might need to hire an emergency roof repair company for the job.

As a safety precaution, never use a simple step ladder when climbing on a roof to repair it. Use a stable platform to be safe when doing the repair works. If you don’t have any experience of this type of work, you better leave it to the experts for the best results.

Repairing The Leak

Before repairing the leak, make sure that you’ve removed all debris from the roof just to make sure that there isn’t any other leak hiding under any type of debris. Wash the area that needs to be repaired, block the access points and position the pipes in a way that no one would walk over them while you’re busy repairing the roof.

  • Asphalt roofs usually have problems like blistering, that can lead to cracking in the roof. For temporary fix, you can use specialized paint that repels water and seals gaps. You can follow the instructions found on the packaging of paint that you buy. Torching some roofing felt on the asphalt roofs can help you repair them permanently.
  • Concrete flat roofs are usually known to develop cracks that lead to leaks in the long run. Surface wear of the concrete roofs can hide their cracks, so, make sure you remove the loose debris to expose the cracks before starting the repair work. Bitumen primer and then paint can be used to seal the leak in any tyoe of concrete roof as a temporary fix. You can also torch a layer of felt on smoothed concrete surface as a permanent fix.
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