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How Much Should I Charge For Carpet Cleaning

The first thing that a customer will ask you when they give you a call to inquire about your carpet cleaning services would involve the rates that you would end up charging them. There is a pretty good chance that you would not want to mess up this quotation process because you need every customer that you can get during this early stage of your business’s life cycle. Hence, you should listen up as we give you some powerful advice that you can use in such scenarios.

The truth of the situation is that carpet cleaning companies usually charge by the hour, and you should do the same. This is because of the fact that some customers can take a per square foot rate for granted. A carpet that has not been cleaned for years will require far more time than one that was deep cleaned only a year prior, so the fact of the matter is that charging the same for each of them because they are of similar sizes doesn’t really make one iota of sense.

A much better way to do things is to charge an hourly rate, and based on our analysis the ideal carpet cleaning rate is about sixty dollars per hour. This rate can go all the way up to one hundred and fifty dollars an hour, but that is mostly reserved for the cream of the crop. New service providers should go for sixty to seventy an hour because this will make them more enticing to customers and when you get a dozen or so to give you a try your growth will quickly become exponential and your profit would increase too.

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