How to Lose Yourself at a Concert

Maybe you are stuck in a depressing routine, maybe you just got dumped or cheated on, or maybe life just isn’t going your way right now, we all go through times where we just want to drop everything and disappear. Unfortunately, that is not always an option, chances are, disappearing is not going to solve all our problems. what you could do, however, is lose yourself at a concert.

Pick one of the many Des Moines concerts in 2019, and go alone. Leave everything and everyone behind for that one night and go all by yourself. Remove yourself from the world you know all too well, from the people who know who you are and what you are like, from everything that is familiar to you.

Lose yourself in a crowd of strangers all coming together to unburden themselves of the melancholy of their daily lives. Find solace in the sea of strangers as you move to the rhythm of the beats being played for you, all of you. For that moment, forget everything that you thought you knew about yourself, let your self experience the world in a new light. Connect with people you never thought you could connect with before. find yourself in the people around you, let them define who you are. Take what they have to give you and rebuild yourself. You are not the person who drove here, you will never be that person again. You have broken the barriers that you built for yourself and made something new.

So if you ever feel lost, hopeless and broken. lose yourself at a concert and redefine who you are.

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