Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU

Kaby Lake is a codename for a 7th gen 14nm processor launched by Intel. From the features and hardware point of view, Kaby Lake is just an incremental update over the previous 14nm Skylake processor, both are almost the same, with the newer one having some slight performance improvements.

Some Features

Although the process of Kaby Lake is still built on 14nm architecture, Intel calls it the 14nm+ because of some minor changes in architecture of this CPU. The product has improved and higher clock speeds that its predecessor Skylake.

This CPU also has an improved graphics performance, because it now shows a better performance in 3D and 4K. It is also the first core architecture to support Pentium based CPUs.


Intel’s new Kaby Lake doesn’t support windows 7, and this was a big blow for the windows 7 lovers around the world. Now Microsoft ships all of the laptops containing Kaby Lake with windows 10 pre-installed.

A fan actually enabled his computer on windows 8.1 with a Kaby Lake by disabling the windows update check, this enabled all the computers running on windows 8.1 and below to still receive updates and obtain a new windows 10 to fully support the new CPU.

A Major Flaw

As it is with rest of the technology as well, the Kaby Lake also as a flaw, in which the system might start to behave a bit odd. But this isn’t a permanent issue, as it can easily be resolved by installing a BIOS update released by you motherboard manufacturer.

Should You Upgrade?

Kaby Lake CPU is a great option for people looking to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 while having all the necessary hardware to support it. You can visit here for more details if you’re interested in buying it.

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