benefits of bootable USB

Interesting Facts About USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives provide you with an easily printable storage solution. These drives are used in every industry around the globe. Surprisingly, despite its wide acceptance and common everyday use, a USB flash drive remains to be a mystery for many. People usually ask about the durability and security of their flash drives, and this is only one part of the whole mystery.

So, here are some of the most interesting facts about USB flash drives which you can learn  by reading the below mentioned points.

Its Performance

You shouldn’t only look at the capacity of a USB flash drive when buying one. You should also give priority to its performance. You’ll find many USB flash drives with same capacity, but drastically different prices. That’s because they have drastically different speeds. So, check the data transfer rate of a flash drive when choosing one to buy.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

If you’re having troubles using an Ethernet cable to connect your PC to internet? Don’t worry, as you can always invest in a Wi-Fi USB to solve your problems. These USB drives can pick up signals from a nearby Wi-Fi router, and can connect your computer to the internet. You can use these USBs especially with portable devices for convenience.

Bootable USB

Do you know that you can use applications like Rufus to install a bootable operating system on a USB drive. You can use this bootable USB drive to troubleshoot your PC, or to install a fresh copy of windows on any computer.

You can also use the bootable operating system to keep working even on someone else’s computer when you don’t have access to your own computer. This will always help you in lots of different ways. So, always keep a bootable USB around.

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