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Is NIL Legal in All States?

As of today 29 states all over the United states have NIL laws and those who have been slow in revising the NCAA policies are now being pushed to reconsider their policies regarding the benefits that come with NIL laws for student athletes, athlete attorneys and lawyers are there to protect their NIL rights, this includes everything which falls under their profile, their name, image and likeness covers it all and they are able to land legal money which does not have any sort of tax implications, if you are confused the job that athlete attorneys do and you don’t really understand the need to hire one then you should understand what they do.

First of all they are licensed professionals who practice in an area of law which surrounds sports and everything legal that is involved with it and there is a lot that is happening with the player apart from what he/she does on the field, from contract negotiations to bonuses, from intellectual property rights to litigation they do it all, we see the professionals have a team of representatives which includes agent, lawyers and even PR advisors because they need that, you don’t need the lot when playing as a student athlete but you still need an athlete attorney to safeguard your NIL rights and make sure that you comply with the laws.

Since there aren’t as many NIL lawyers and student athlete attorneys available you would have to be on your game to find the right one, as a professional you have a huge number of options but not as a student athlete, so make sure to do your homework before setting upon the journey to find an athlete attorney because it will be nothing short of a challenge for you.

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