Quick And Efficient Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

House cleaning can be one of the most hectic parts of the schedule and it may take even a greater deal of time and strength if you don’t know the right hacks. One of such places that needs the most attention is the washroom; least at size yet requires such great hard work. To help you sort out your bathroom cleaning, here are some hacks that would totally change the game.

Work on Ventilation

Ventilation is one of those pre-requisite of bathroom handling that makes many stes of cleaning easier. Proper ventilation paves way to many things, first and foremost being eradication of nasty smell. Furthermore, switching on an exhaust fan while taking a bath helps remove water vapours from the kitchen that prevents the growth of slime.

Don’t Stress For Shiny Faucets

Everyday use of water can lead to the build up of moisture and cleaning it could be one great deal of effort. However, regular cleaning of faucets and pipes with microfibre cloth helps keep the equipment clean. Even if there’s a buildup, there’s nothing to stress up about as homemade DIY agents can always come to the rescue. Using soda bi-carbonate and lemon juice can remove the buildup and then buffing with a towel would leave the faucets scintillating. If you are less on time you can avail this house cleaning service in Lawrenceville GA notes by Rite Touch Maids to help you go on with the rest of your schedule.

Mirror Mirror on The Wall

Moisture droplets or fingerprints can always ruin the mirror and seems like one of the time consuming aspects of bathroom cleaning. However, everything is not what it seems. The first step to cleaning mirror is to clean it with a microfibre cloth or with rubbing alcohol to remove any buildup. Next  step is to use either glass cleaner or vinegar solution as a light layer to prevent any mess for later cleaning. Next wipe it with a cloth by folding it into 4 folds so that you have four portions available to clean.

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