Tips to Help You Learn How to Use Microsoft Excel

For all the fresh graduates out there who are setting themselves up to be part of the job market, we would like to tell you all that the market is saturated and it is highly important that you make yourself standout the most amongst your competitors because that is the only way that you get to land a good enough job at this point. In order to do so, there are plenty of jobs that you could potentially look into. Excel IF is one of the best ways of setting yourself apart from your peers, because you will have a skill that others might not have.

So if you were to ask us about this, we would highly recommend that you learn how to be proficient in excel and work on it. Take paid courses and actually learn it well enough to be able to do more complexed functions as well. Here are a couple of tips that will help you in learning Microsoft excel as well, check them out below.

Get a Good Command Over Shortcuts

In order to make the most of it, we would highly recommend that you start off by brushing up on your muscle memory of shortcuts in excel. This will help you in saving a lot of time. So make sure that you are focusing on the keyboard shortcuts. They are genuinely help.

Use The Filter Correctly

Another important task that you should learn is that right after importing of the data has been done, you should be able to filter out results on your own. This might take a few trial and errors but you will get there.

Analysis Operations

Although there are other specified tools for statistical analysis, there are some basic math functions that excel can do, so we would recommend that you pay attention to those and also focus on learning how to graph and chart out your stats.

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