Tips to Properly Clean Your Tennis Shoes

Buying tennis or any other type of athletic shoes means investing a lot of money in a good pair (click here to find the right type). And since these shoes are the most abused type, they can easily get very dirty. Proper cleaning is necessary to protect your shoes from unwanted damage, but cleaning them is absolutely necessary.

Throwing your shoes in a washing machine and hoping for the best isn’t a good idea. Here is what you’ll actually need to do in order to properly clean your tennis shoes.

Use a Dry Brush

Before we start the actual washing process to achieve the final result, you’ll need to pick up a brush and remove any bug chunks of dust or grime that’ve accumulated on the shoes. This helps in making the process of washing a bit faster and easier.

Make The Right Solution

In this step, you’ll need to fill up your sink with warm and not hot water, and add some laundry detergent into the warm water to make a nice shoe cleaning solution.

Take The Shoe Apart

Before we start the washing process, you need to remove the laces and insoles from the shoe to expose every surface.

Use a Sponge Effectively

You can use the sponge to rub the shoe with. Just take a sponge, a towel or a soft brush and soak them into the warm water, detergent solution that we just made. Make sure that the sponge has absorbed enough water. Then squeeze out the excess water and start rubbing the shoe with the sponge to clean it properly. In this process, try to avoid the parts made of leather or foam.

Now, take a sponge and wet it by soaking it into cold water (without the detergent), now use this sponge to clean the excess soap.

Let the shoes dry for some time afterwards.

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