Types of Dry Erase White Board Paints

There are two types of widely used dry erase paints; clear white board and white whiteboard paint.

The whiteboard paint that is the clear type is a mixture that is completely clear and transparent. This indicates that you can make any colored surface into your white board. After applying this paint, your colored table or wall will shine more. Some people prefer colored walls over white, plain ones, which makes this product suitable for their use. One thing to note is that this paint cannot be applied on a white surface, as the color might be ruined.

This product is innovative, but simple. It has two parts, the part A and B. You simply have to mix both of these together and stir them for about five minutes. If you have some experience of painting, you can paint this to your surface without calling professionals. All you have to do is add a single layer.

White whiteboard paint, on the other hand, is for people who prefer traditional looks. You can paint it over all your office walls and keep the room plain and smooth. It will give you unlimited space for working without having to put up boards on walls.

This paint is also very easy to apply. You simply have to add primer to your surface, total of two coats, and then wait for twelve hours. After this, you apply one coat of your whiteboard paint. This paint can be tailored according to the size and surface where you wish to apply it and is quite adaptive. It has low VOC and odor, so is preferred by many.

Go to any nearby shop whiteboard paint will be available of both types. Both offer that same quality and are really useful especially in offices, schools and homes.

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