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Warning Signs For a Psychic

When visiting a psychic, one thing that will be on your mind is if the money you’re spending is actually worth it or if you’re just wasting your time with a pretender that doesn’t have any actual psychic potential or power. There are a few ways in which you can discern the intentions of the psychic you are visiting, and most of the time these intentions are going to be very important to consider since they will indicate the quality of your experience all in all.

One thing to look out for is leading questions from your psychic. Try not to talk too much during the reading. A psychic like Therese Murphy doesn’t need you to talk because she can use her psychic powers to find out what you need to discover. If your psychic is making you talk this means that he or she is trying to make you say something that would indicate a specific detail about your life that they can give to you and pretend to know something that they actually don’t.

You should also be wary of psychics that are angling for more money. The general way of doing things is that you pay for the session and then get a reading, you ideally shouldn’t have to do anything else whatsoever and if you do this means that the psychic is only trying to earn a quick buck. Value added services just aren’t a thing in the psychic community even though a few psychics here and there seem hell bent on trying to make it some kind of a reality.

If you’re careful then there is no way that a psychic would be able to trick you and thus you’d end up getting an accurate reading.

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