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What Coffee Pods Are Compatible With Smeg Espresso Machine?

Plenty of people swear by espresso coffee, and there are several purists within the espresso drinking community that claim that using ground coffee is the only way to get the proper experience when you are sipping on your hot brew. In spite of the fact that this is the case, there are those who feel that this is an excessively restrictive way for them to live their lives. The major contributor to that being the case is that there are several revolutionary new ways for you to drink your coffee, and suffice it to say that espresso pods are among the best new methods that you can possibly try out.

The folks over at have lots of Smeg espresso machines that are compatible with both ground coffee beans as well as pods, and it is important to note that this can help satisfy both parties in a way that few other machines can at the end of the day. However, you do need to realize that not every coffee pod is going to work with a Smeg machine, and indeed some pods might just damage it if you’re not careful enough.

ESE pods generally tend to work really well with these kinds of machines which is why so many people swear by them. They are great all purpose pods and most machines work great with them, so these are the ones that you should go for when you are out on your next grocery run. They can help you to really level up your morning coffee experience and turn it into a truly wonderful thing rather than just treating it as a way to charge up your body’s batteries.

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