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What Happened to Plenty of Fish Dating Site?

Plenty of fish is one of the pioneers of dating sites, it became popular when people knew little about dating sites and is one of the most used dating sites ever, but in 2015 the dating site plenty of Fish widely known as POF was acquired by the Match group which owns dating sites like, OkCupid, Tinder and Hinge and is a giant in this industry, the dating site and app continues to operate successfully and has over 90 million registered users and it also holds a large number of active members as well.

Plenty of Fish is a dating app which is mostly popular among mature individuals, people over 30 and in their 40s or even 50s prefer using plenty of fish over other dating platforms and there are multiple reasons why that is so, here you would find individuals who only know about this dating app as this was the only popular dating app when they started dating back in their teens, if you are looking for a dating site where you don’t have to pay but want mature individuals to be present there then plenty of fish dating app is a brilliant option for you.

It is available in nine different languages but usually the users are English, not just British English people but plenty of fish is popular among countries like Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and obviously Canada where it is based and people in their mid or senior ages avoid dating apps like tinder which are usually there for one night stands and casual hook ups and you should only focus on creating a profile on plenty of fish and not look here and there because in this age group you will better your chances of finding a relationship on this platform.

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