Your Complete Guide to Angle Grinders

There are so many different tools out there in the market and it most certainly is not possible to know about each and every one of them. With that being said, there is one important tool that is quite useful, however, not many people know about it. Especially the ones who just started their journey with tools. This tool is called an angle grinder. If you have no idea what an angle grinder is but are interested in gathering information about it, then this complete guide to angle grinders will definitely be of use to you. Make sure that you give it a good read.

The history regarding angle grinders is not that clear, some say it was invented in 1954 while others say that is the year 1973. No one can say for sure, but it does not really matter. What can be said for sure is that angle grinders have not been in use for a long time, but they are still very popular due to their affectivity.

An angle grinder mostly uses discs and that is why they are often called disc grinders. In the best angle grinder post you can find different kinds of discs that can be used in angle grinders. The most common discs that are used in angle grinders include the following:

  1. Grinding discs
  2. Abrasive grinding discs
  3. Grinding stones
  4. Polishing pads
  5. Cut off discs
  6. Sanding discs

These discs are just some of the few, there are so many more that are used in angle grinders. The power for angle grinders vary as well. In most cases they are powered through electricity, however, other power sources such as gas, compressed air, and batteries can also be used.

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